About Jo

[I am finding it ridiculously hard to write an “About” page, which is silly because this whole blog is about me, practically, and how it takes me a long time to say what I mean. Hence, rambling. But here goes, anyway:)]

I have been trying to figure out my self and the world for quite a while now, and, frankly, worrying about it is exhausting. So I am not going to list off all the cool, quirky things (such as running through sprinklers or loving G.K. Chesterton or liking earthworms a lot) that I sometimes imagine are what define me. I’m a Christian, and that does define me.

I am going to try not to focus so much on myself or drawing attention to myself. Instead, my aim is to draw your gaze to the curious things of the world, to the little wonders that don’t have to be there, but are.

Thank you for reading.

The End, for now:)


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